San Francisco Location

San Francisco location

San Francisco Location

My husband and I were finally getting married after 4 years of commitment. But there was just a slight problem. I wanted a special gift for him and the location. His whole family was up in San Francisco, but I wanted a more country-centered wedding. The only reason I opted for the country side was the amazing potential of photography it had. I wanted a beautiful boudoir photography scenic session for my wedding gift. My sister said I would get a good session in San Francisco. But I just was not satisfied with the idea. Then again, we had no other option and decided to book ourselves a boudoir photographer for the post wedding gift shoot. Some of our friends suggested Aaron Wilson’s photography for remarkable pictures. Since we didn’t know any other well-known photographer, we booked him (and his wife) up right away.

boudoir photographer San Francisco location fort point
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Beautiful places

The results? A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! I always knew San Francisco was a beautiful place, but I have never in my dreams, seen it in the perspective Aaron Wilson portrayed it. He promised us a full shoot at my choice of locations, while suggesting some of his favorite spots as well. There was no time limit, so we could enjoy and take in the beautiful places of this city along with getting my shoot done. And the best part was, Aaron and Vicky enjoyed every moment with my sister and me.  They also captured breathtaking candid images of me. Some of the locations we decided on for the shoot were:

The Golden Gate Bridge

This was quite obvious. How could we have a photo shoot in San Francisco without this gorgeous bridge in the background? The view from Fort View with this bridge in the background, is another great photography option.

San Francisco bay area - Capitola

The Ferry Building

This is another beautiful structure and the building from inside was designed beautifully and just perfect for our wedding shoot!

The Bay Bridge

With all the hype about Golden Gate, this bridge wasn’t even in my list. Aaron suggested it, and it turned out to be stunning! We went there after sun down so the lights reflecting in the water below, proved to be a great location.

Baker Beach

A beach photo shoot is another must-have to add to your wedding album. This is a stunning option and what’s more, you can even get a view of the Golden Gate Bridge from there.

Palace of Fine Arts

This was where some of my favorite shots were taken. The architecture of this place will leave you speechless. The gorgeous lagoon provides you with breathtaking imagery and I’m sure this will be your favorite place, too!

San Francisco bay area - Capitola 2

After this, it seemed as if we have already been on our honeymoon. The experience was just awe-striking. Never in my life have I had such a fun experience with any other photography. I would highly recommend Aaron Wilson for such photography tours. You can book him for as long as you like, from 3 hours to the whole day!

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