Fitness Pole Dancing

fitness pole dancing

Fitness Pole Dancing

Fitness pole dancing has many reasons that women start fitness pole dancing (Aka: Pole Dancing) – some do it for fitness, others do it for confidence or creative expression; but no matter what piqued their interest in the beginning, most women can’t help but become hooked after the first lesson! Fitness pole dancing made its debut into modern fitness culture over the last ten years, and it’s safe to say it’s not going anywhere any time soon.
No longer reserved for the gentlemen’s clubs, Fitness pole dancing is finally being embraced for the amazing full body workout that it is. It is helped countless women find and embrace their strength, beauty and sex appeal – so let Aaron Wilson Photography help you capture all of that emotion and hard work in a session at your next Pole Dancing practice or competition!

There are multiple organizations to join.

Yes! It’s true, there are multiple organizations that hold yearly Pole Dancing competitions all over the globe. From Russia to Reno and San Francisco to Thailand, the world cannot stop raving about the benefits of this intense and empowering workout. Studios are popping up every day that focus on all levels of Pole Dancing as well as other amazing areas of aerial fitness such as Lyra, Silks, and Fly Gym. Each of them having their own niche in fitness culture, yet the pole seems to be the favorite and most recognized among women of all ages and fitness levels.

Stephanie fitness pole dancing

A boost in overall self-confidence

The benefits of fitness pole dancing are never ending! With just using the pole itself, you’re challenged to make use of vertical space as opposed to just horizontal (like most forms of exercise). This seemingly simple
switch is anything but! Even those that are regular fitness fanatics are surprised at how intense – yet fun – that first class can be. Forcing you to use muscles you wouldn’t normally use, Pole Dancing is an aerobic
workout and complete strength training session rolled into one; not to mention a provocative artistic expression through dance!

You will notice as your training continues that every muscle in your body, from head to toe will get stronger, leaner, and more flexible. Your balance and posture will improve dramatically as will your grace and stability.
Pole Dancing has always been an overt positive expression of femininity and the innate sexiness and seductive nature that all women possess. Many women cannot help showing off the incredible boost in overall self-confidence that starts during their performance and carries over into everyday life. Pole Dancing has been credited with being the key to helping many women unlock their creativity, sexuality, and inner strength. It really is a workout
for the body and soul!

Preparing For Pole Dance Photo SESSION – Tips and Ideas

Do you want to have a pole dance photo session? If yes, we are here to help you, so it goes perfectly. Pole dance photo sessions can be scary for various reasons. Firstly, holding the pose for a long time to meet photo demands require a lot of strength. Secondly, posing in front of so many strangers in your pole costumes with lighting everywhere is stressful. The best way to enjoy on pole is to plan ahead. We have made a list of some tips to ensure that your day goes without a hitch. Take a look at the tips for having a great photo session.


The first thing you should is some research. You should look around and see what kind of shoot you want to do. Think about why you are doing it? Is it marketing or is it because you are a student who wants to capture and show nice images.
Photographer is there to capture what you want. If you won’t have an idea then it would turn out to be a complete failure.
In case you were approached by the photographer, you must check what he wants you to do. Does he have a specific backdrop or lightning? Is there anything specifically he works with? There are some photographers who use color backdrop while some use white or black. You don’t want to end up wearing a black dress with a black backdrop. It will only cause you more problems.

Adrian A. Fitness

Smooth and Professional!

Smooth and Professional!

Team showed up on time. Location was planned ahead. Service and accommodation was outstanding. Great team to work with.

Stephanie L. Fitness

For several fitness

I have used Aaron Wilson Photography for several fitness and boudoir photoshoots in the past 3 years. Aaron, owner is always punctual at location sets (travels as far as Stinson Beach to San Francisco, CA), really takes the time to get positioning and shots right. He allows me to view pictures taken and edits wonderfully.
If your looking for a quality photographer who has been in the industry and passionate about what he does, Aaron is your guy!

Shanna G. Revival Strength Coach

Professional, Personable, and Comfortable

"For me a photo shoot can be a little nerve racking and scary as you don’t know what to expect. Aaron and his wife Vicky made me feel comfortable which allowed me to do my fitness and produce shots that were completely natural, candid, and my authentic self. Both are super easy to work with and professional. Looking forward to the next shoot."

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Plan Ahead

Next thing is to have a check list or you can say a pose list. You should spend time practicing the moves, so on the day of your photo session you can get quickly in the pose. Organize your list in order of preference and difficulty.
Great thing about photo shoot is it doesn’t require big crazy tricks. Most of the times, it is combos of flips. But what it does require is extreme flexibility. This is what makes it look impressive.
On the other hand, sometimes simple is best. A simple climb or sit or standing by the pole or using props. You have to keep in mind that whatever you do, it must be video effective. If you are doing something simple, don’t feel you are not good enough to do a photo session.
If you are working your angles and wearing a great costume, it will look amazing. The most important part of the photo session is to show your personality so looking confident is imperative.

Work the Angles

Angle is massively important as a tiny difference in the angles can make a huge impact on he picture. It can make a picture from an exceptional one to a good picture. There are amazing tricks that you can be doing on the poles. This is because it involves movements. When you are still it won’t look impressive and good.
If it helps, you can have a friend with you to spin you around or hold you in the right position. So, check your angles and try to find the best one.
Therefore, pole dance photo shoots are great fun and an experience of a lifetime. When you follow these amazing tips you will have great images that you can cherish for years to come. It is another great way to show off your hard work.


A next tip is to bring a lot of outfits. You can over pack because having good selection of outfits is imperative. It is better to test them out beforehand to figure out what is going to work. There is nothing worse than having an outfit failure. So, it is really important to test your outfits first.

I take the time to work with you

With its ever increasing popularity and growing fan base, Pole Dancing has become a respected part of the fitness world and a must for every fitness models portfolio! With numerous studios in the San Francisco, CA and Reno, NV areas, I’d love to help create the perfect Pole Dancing Fitness photo session with you! Fitness photography is an intense passion at Aaron Wilson Photography, helping both the professional and novice alike grow their modeling and business portfolios.

Some rather do a Boudoir session and others a pole session.

Looking to focus more on the erotic side of Pole Dancing? Or to create your own boudoir photo session? No problem! I take the time to work with you to create the right attitude and atmosphere so you always get exactly what you’re looking for. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to your session, it can be whatever you’d like it to be! Let Aaron Wilson Photography be part of all your special days and events! Please feel free to contact me directly or by simply using the contact form here on the site with any questions, concerns or requests you may have. I’m always looking forward to hearing from you and am excited to be working with you!

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