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Aaron Wilson Photography referral program (for future clients) was made for you! This will help you earn a free session; or it will help pay for a session.  We love it when you referral your family and friends and other people you meet to Aaron Wilson Photography! We can’t thank YOU enough for all of your support! So to honor your support we made the “Aaron Wilson Photography Referral Program. The program is our way to give back to you and to help others.  This program is for people who have never done a session with us.  We have a different program program for past clients.

What the program offers: 

  • For everyone you tell about Aaron Wilson Photography. And when they use your name for a booking (remind them to mention that you sent them!).
  • When your referral successfully completes their photography session with payment, YOU get $35.00 in referral credit. That’s it! How easy is that?!! We have a limited number of people per year for our Ambassador Program.

This allows you to earn discounted or even FREE sessions.

  1. 4 referrals would get you $140 in referral credit! Credits can be used on both a “Full” session and a “Mini” session.
  2. There is NO limit to the amount of referral credit you can earn! Even if you’re not a past client you can earn credit!
  3. You can use referral credit towards any type of session, Boudoir or Fitness or both!
  4. All of you referral credit must be used within 1 year from the date of the credit.
  5. Your credit(s) is non-transferable from person to person.
  6. The referral credit cannot be redeemed for monetary value or any services aside from sessions / A La Carte.
  7. Currant referral credit cannot be deducted from previous sessions or offered as a refund.
  8. It’s valid after their session. (Referral credit will only be given once the client you referred has fully paid for and had their session.)
  9. Multiple credits will not be given for the same referral. One referral credit will be given per one referred and paid for session.

Thank you so much for your support! If you enjoy working with us; 

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Please ask us for what you want!