Aaron Wilson Photography Investment Guide

Invest in the most important thing you can; YOURSELF!

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The investment guide is just a guide.  We highly recommend you contacting us for up to date and current prices.  We have “Packages” and we have “A La Carte”.

Why no prices on our site

We have our “Session Fee” and maybe some other rates listed below.  Our “investment Guide” will shared with you at our “consultation” meeting or if you sign up for our mailing list.  You will also get 7 tips besides just signing up for a list.  If you do the mailing list vs. a consultation meeting; please take in consideration that the prices may be a little out of date.

Types of boudoir?

The Investment guide goes over all of our boudoir styles.  Some times we have to charge a little more for special requests.  Some of these requests are for the “Pin-Up” sessions ans some “Bridal” sessions. Fitness Models have even found ways to add boudoir into their images these days.

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Pre Consultation Meeting

Step: 1 We would love to meet with you and learn your "why" and your ideas for your session.

At the meeting

Step: 2 We can do a phone call; but at a meeting we get a better chance to learn about "YOU". What we need for the session, session prices, even session locations. It for sure makes things get going faster and smoother.

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The experience / Session

Step: 3 We offer packages and also A la Carte. We would love to go over the packages or A la carte with you and find out whats best for you.

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The retouching

Step: 4 We will then go thru the images from the session and do a light editing / retouching. We strongly believe in simple light / contrast as we do the session in "RAW".

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Image Reveal / Selection

Step: 5 We love for you to choose the images you love. Once you select your images we work on the products for you.

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The delivery / reveal

Step: 6We will place your order and deliver your products to you. This will take 1 to 2 weeks for the labs and the Album company to make and send us the products.

Investment Guide

We love to cover this in a "Pre Consultation" meeting... But we know some just want numbers:

The "Session fee" / retainer" is $350.
The Session fee covers a non-refundable retainer that holds your session date.

**** We also offer payment plans. ****


Session Fee Includes

- Locks in your session date
- Up to 2 hours (some plans offer more)
- Wardrobe planning
- helps us lock in your session location
- Pr-Consultation Meeting
- The actual session and retouching
- Delivery / reveal day



Some may think that there’s just one style of Boudoir photography, but that’s far from the truth! There’s dozens to pick from! Each one having its own personality. Pin-up to even a boudoir fitness session. Many people in the fitness word do some type of “boudoir” from bra and panties to no clothing. Some love the classics, and a nice fun Pin-Up session is done. We love doing all and more styles in both Boudoir Photography and Fitness Photography.


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