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Our brand ambassador program is here to empower you and help us at the same time. Have you always wanted to do a boudoir session, but it just hasn’t happened yet? I am looking for fearless women who are willing to join our ambassador program that focuses on spreading the word about experience of shooting a boudoir session with us. Our goal is to empower all the woman and we need your help to do that! If you are chosen for our Brand Ambassador Program, we ask you to represent our brand and what we stand for in your day to day life.  Our ambassadors need to walk the walk so- you’ll need to come shoot with us! Even if you have done a session before with us, we need a new session. 

Incredible people wanted

     Incredible people tend to hang out with other incredible people. And you spreading the word through personal experience is how women find us best.   Woman will want their own boudoir experience and already feel the trust with us.  We are looking for 4-6 women who share our mission. And want to see other women empower themselves. 

Do you have what it takes? Ask yourself the following:

  • Am I comfortable enough to rock my body and pose in lingerie for a photo shoot?
  • Am I willing to sign a model release allowing all media created at that shoot to be shared on social media, marketing materials, etc with no restrictions?
  • Would I be willing to promote any photos from my experience with Jen Needham Photography to my friends, coworkers, online followers… and basically shout the details about my session from the rooftops to anyone who will listen?
  • Would I enjoy a special ambassador discount?
  • Sharing our social media (Instagram and Facebook) posts to spread the word once a week.
  • Spreading the word with people you love about we do (be sure to have them give us your affiliate code so you get credit!). 
  • You MUST be kind and treat others with love. In other words: don’t be a dick, be body positive, respect everyone.
  • Allow us to feature your ambassador sessions (so you’ve got to be down having your images shared publicly).

We are looking for:

  • A diverse group of badass women who will be excited to share their photos and experience with everyone they know!
  • Women between the ages of 21-50 who are willing to pose in lingerie or implied nude shots.
  • A variety of body types – all shapes and sizes welcome!
  • Willing to sign a model release, allowing me full use of their images. (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT)
  • Women with amazing social networking skills because the more you promote your experience the greater it affects what you earn (see details below).


  • Publicly post on your personal social media MINIMUM weekly (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, tik tok)
  • Help moderate and interact in our FB group.
  • Post your images from our sessions on your social media.
  • Post MINIMUM once a week on your social media with our credit.
  • Allow us to go live during your shoots with us and or video during session.

So what’s in it for you?

We want our Brand Ambassadors to genuinely believe in us and what we do. To ensure that our Brand Ambassadors are fully confident in recommending a boudoir experience with Aaron Wilson Photography.  The bonus rewards you will receive after becoming a Brand Ambassador with Aaron Wilson Photography include:

  • A 90 minute boudoir session to start the experience; With Hair and makeup application
  • Special Products + Sessions for ambassadors only
  • Bi-monthly / Monthly COMPLIMENTARY mini shoots.
  • Three digital images per shoot with the opportunity to purchase more.
  • Ambassador referral program credits.
  • Attendance + volunteering at any public events (these are minimal).
  • Allow us to go live during your shoots with us and or video record parts of the session.
  • For your 1st session; We will require a $175 retainer to use on prints/image files to set your session date.
  • You will also get a ambassador discount of 40%.
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Ambassadors will get

And a thanks for spreading the word and being in my ambassador program you will receive:

After your image reveal, you can choose what images and products that you would like to purchase.  Now you have your goal on getting those referrals to earn credits for your beautiful boudoir products. For each referral that you send my way that ends up in a booking you will receive $100 towards product. So pretty much a full boudoir collection FOR FREE in exchange for telling people how amazing your experience was with us.  2020 will be our first year offering this.  Over time we will make adjustments and improvements to the program.   

Please ask us for what you want!