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We love to do specials for both Boudoir and Fitness.  Some times we want to try or test out something and we post here and social media....  You could end up with a free session; so keep a eye out here and on social media.

Behind the scene image

Behind the scene photo image taken by IPhone and Vicky Wilson. Image taken in concord California. We do many trips to Santa Cruz and all over the Bay Area.

Looking for 3 woman or couples.

We are looking for 3 woman and or couples to do a trade boudoir session. If your wanting to do a session but have not been able to afford it, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Service style boudoir

We are looking for 4 woman or couples. The deadline is 9/15/19. We currently have the fire jacket and helmet. This is geared for current people in the field that has gear or props or for any one interested in using such gear. // We are looking for any one who is interested in a boudoir session with either fire 🔥 or any type of service (Police, Militarily….). If you know some one who maybe interested please tag them our post. Thank you.

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Please ask us for what you want.