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Aaron Wilson Boudoir Photography
Aaron Wilson Fitness Photography

Boudoir Photography

We have some boudoir photography ideas if you’re thinking about having a boudoir photography session.  Thinking of a photography session has probably made you think of a lot of questions, like:

What if I don’t have any lingerie?

And what am I going to wear? No worries, girl! We got you!  As your photography team, Aaron or Vicky has many different boudoir photography ideas with out lingerie.

We have a helpful guide

If you do have lingerie, just keep in mind not to bring all of your bra and panties sets.  The photography session does use lingerie as why some call it lingerie photography.  But with our boudoir photography ideas you will see that you don’t need a lot of lingerie.

A good rule of thumb is if it’s too fancy to wear to work then it is probably perfect for the session. Bodysuits are perfect because they are flattering on most women.  The bed sheet can also be just as sexy or more than a lingerie peace.

Ready to pull the trigger?!

When you book, we’ll send you a lingerie guide + a list of places to look/shop!

If you aren’t sure about certain items, you can always drop us an email and we will let you know what we think! We are here to help you with all of your boudoir photography ideas.

What to do with your gorgeous photos!?

There are SO many ways you can display your images. Most of my clients get European luxury albums that they will treasure for years to come. Another beautiful option is wall art. Don’t worry, we always shoot gorgeous beauty shots that are quite modest and perfect for hanging in your home. No matter what you choose to do with your images, I guarantee you’ll treasure them for years to come. Let’s have a chat and talk about getting you on my scheduled!

Fitness Photography

Do you need fitness photography photo ideas?
We work with many different fitness photography styles like yoga, pole, body builders and more. Are you a professional or an amateur wanting images for your social media? A fitness photography session will show your results of all your hard work.

Do you have a location in mind?

The San Francisco Bay area and even Santa Cruz area offers many locations. We have a great gym that we work with if a gym setting is in your thoughts. We also have great outdoor locations we can utilize. From work outdoor clothing to Bikini or even implied.

Solo or with a friend…

Couples or friends make great images as well. Body builders to pole fitness and Yoga, we are here to capture your images. Images for a fitness client is important for your followers. Show your journey from current to stage. From basic Yoga to advance yoga or a teacher level. Are you into water fitness? We can also do a session on the lake or Delta. The options are endless to your fitness photography needs.

Please ask us for what you want!